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Bob Bly

RE: From the desk of Bob Bly.

Date: Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Dear Copywriter and Content Creator,

Every day of the year, freelance copywriters…content writers…authors…freelance writers…and business owners… call or email me for advice about their copy, their marketing strategy, freelancing, running their small business, or writing a book.

I go the extra mile to be as helpful as I can. 

But my crowded writing schedule makes it increasingly difficult for me to answer their queries thoroughly – especially when their questions require a more detailed and well-thought-out answer than I can provide in a quick email reply.

To solve this problem, I have launched a membership service that allows me to answer your every question … and provide the advice you seek … no matter how simple or complicated it may be. 


Bob Bly Copy &

Bob Bly's Copy Clinic

Here's how it works...

My Copy Clinic members and I meet for a 60 to 90-minute conference call every week.

I also have my partners with me on the call, which is Fred Gleeck, and Chris Koehl.

We discuss whatever copywriting, marketing, systems, and other business challenges you want to ask me or the team on.

I give you the answer in detail, based on my 4+ consecutive decades of writing copy for clients ranging from solopreneurs to the Fortune 500.

Of course, I don’t know everything, and I can only tell you about things I know.

But that’s one of the benefits of being a member in the Copy Clinic: If I don’t have the answer, often one or more of our Clinic members who are on the call will.

And we freely and openly share ideas and knowledge with one another.

Also, on virtually every call, at least one participant asks a question that you didn’t think to ask, but find the answer interesting—even invaluable.

“What can I talk about in Copy Clinic calls?”

Anything and everything related to copywriting, being a freelance copywriter, content writing, multichannel marketing, getting your book published, public speaking, webinars, and selling.

Including how to:

  • Get good copywriting clients.

  • ​Know the right fee to charge for every project.

  • ​Cope with difficult people.

  • ​Become and stay a 6-figure copywriter.

  • ​Distinguish yourself from your competition.

  • ​Specialize in the best copywriting niche for you.

  • ​Boost conversion rates on websites and landing pages.

  • ​Produce email marketing campaigns that set new response records.

  • ​Craft white papers that demonstrate the client’s expertise.

  • ​Start and run a successful freelance copywriting business.

  • ​Sell your book to a mainstream publishing house.

  • ​Double or triple response to your offers.

  • ​Properly price any product or service.

  • ​Gain financial security with multiple streams of income.

  • ​Teach writing courses at corporations for $5,000 per day or more.

  • ​Collect royalties up to $50,000 per project or more.

  • ​Become so in-demand you have to put new clients on a waiting list.

  • ​Master the secrets for making your clients extraordinarily happy and loyal.

  • ​Gain great confidence talking on the phone with potential clients.

  • ​Establish yourself as a recognized authority in your niche.

  • ​Become a multi-millonare writer.

  • ​And more.

Best of all you're able to...

Profit from My 4+ Decades of

“Expensive Experience”

“Expensive experience” is a term coined by Dan Kennedy. 

By that he means the best mentor and teacher to have is one who has long been active in the skill or discipline in which coaches you.

That being said, here’s a quick overview of just some of the “expensive experience” that qualifies me to advise you on copywriting and copy-related issue: 

  • 4+ decades of experience as a full-time professional copywriter.

  • ​Former adjunct professor of writing at New York University.

  • ​AWAI Copywriter of the Year, Gold Echo, and many other copywriting awards.

  • ​Author of 100 published books including The Copywriter’s Handbook, a standard reference work in the field.

  • ​More than 100 clients including IBM, Kiplinger’s, AT&T, and GE.

  • ​Have earned six figures a year for decades and accumulated a 7-figure net worth from freelance copywriting.

  • ​Still an active copywriter working 60-hour weeks—and writing every day of the year.

  • ​Featured in major media including CBS Hard Copy, Los Angeles Times, Nation’s Business, NY Post, and many more newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio shows.

  • ​I write promotions that regularly boost response rates for my clients from 10% to 900%.

  • ​Have written over 100 articles for publications including Writer’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, City Paper, and Successful Meetings.

  • ​I have written copy and content for virtually every marketing channel, from radio commercials and video sales letters, to direct mail packages and email marketing campaigns, to websites and white papers.

  • ​No copywriter alive today has written for more industries than I have - from dietary supplements and investment newsletters, to equipment for refineries and chemical plants, to wastewater treatment and air pollution control, to telecommunications and software, to food and furniture - and many more.

Now, let's look at...

What People Are Saying About My Advice and Counsel...

"I just want to say how much I appreciate your expertise, generosity, and seemingly never ending patience. Learning from you is such an honor!"

-Cassaundra Jirau

"One of my favorite sales and marketing experts is my friend and colleague Bob Bly. Bob is one of the most experienced – and successful – copywriters I know." 

-Graham McGregor

"I've known about Bob for more than 25 years and have admired and benefited from his knowledge, insight, and perhaps most of all, his generosity in sharing both.”  

-Linda Byam

"Thank you for all the immense value you've shared. You have been more than a mentor to me." 

-Carolette Wright

"I just wanted to tell you that the work you do is brilliant. I'm only starting out within copywriting but your content and material and insights have been of unparalleled value." 

-Ujjol Rahman

"Bob, you don't know how much you've inspired me to keep at my copywriting and information marketing. Also, I've got loads of your books on my shelf and they have been a massive help." 

-Mark Elmo Ellis

"Thanks for that glimpse into your writing world. I always enjoy your emails and you’ll find I’ve bought quite a few of your excellent offers." 

-Ian McCall

"Your work continues to influence me. Thanks again!"

-Chris Bryant

“Your Direct Response Letter has shaved years, possibly even decades off my career. You exemplify the epitome of what it means to be a high-performance copywriter. Thank you for giving back so much throughout your career. What you have done is remarkably ineffable.”

-Kyle Bell

"You walk your talk -- are a true professional."

-Laura Venecia Rodriguez

"You are doing so much work to nourish our lives. May our good Lord God bless you. Keep up the awesome work."

-Afolabi Rasheed Olamide

"You are a gift to us small guys, too! Love reading your books and your emails!"

-Ed Hanada

This weekly program SPEEDS UP your online success , by leveraging the decades of wisdom from myself and Fred Gleeck. And the best part is...

Joining The Copy Clinic™ is Easy, Affordable, and Risk-FREE!

Membership in the Copy and Content Clinic isn’t cheap, though it’s reasonably priced when compared to other coaching, mentoring, classes, and training programs in copywriting.

There’s no long-term commitment. 

You can pay the membership fee annually or in easy monthly installments.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. 

If at any time you decide the Copy and Content Clinic is not for you, just let us know.

We’ll cancel your membership, and stop charging the monthly membership fee to your credit card.

If you’ve already paid for an annual membership, we will refund the unused portion of your annual membership fee. 

So there’s no risk or commitment of any kind.

May I share a secret with you?

Part of the reason I earn a six-figure annual income – and have accumulated a seven-figure net worth as a copywriter – and am the author of 100 published books...

Is that I always had a support network to lean on, guide me, help me resolve issues, provide second opinions, answer questions, and be there for me as friends, teachers, and colleagues.

Now, as a member of the Bob Bly Copy and Content Clinic, you can get that same level of support – to help accelerate your copywriting success, career, and income – not only from me, but from your fellow Clinic members. 

Now, here’s something you should know…

As of today, Wednesday, June 19, 2024, we only have a few spots open at the higher-end level.

Because of this, we’re going to conduct a small beta test we’re calling the “fly on the wall” option.

Each week, our live calls run for 90 minutes.

These calls are jam-packed with valuable information on copywriting, business building, and digital marketing.

Because we only allow 10 spots at the $297.00 level, we want to give others the opportunity to listen in on these calls via the recordings.

We post the recording of the weekly meeting in a private members area.

For the first time, as part of this beta test, we’re offering access to the recordings for only $97.00 per month.

That’s a $200.00 per month savings!

This new beta test is called “Fly on the Wall,” we’re only allowing 100 beta test members now.

So what are you waiting for?

To join my Copy Clinic mentoring, coaching, and support program without risk or obligation of any kind, you have two options...

Option #1: LIVE Weekly Attendee - Only $297 monthly (10 spots max)!

Option #2: Fly on the Wall (Access to weekly recordings) Only $97 monthly (100 beta members)!

Getting started is easy!

Simply scroll down below to order the option that works for you.

I look forward to seeing you LIVE on the next virtual meeting.

I look forward to seeing you LIVE on the next virtual meeting.


Robert W. Bly, Copywriter

P.S. But I urge you to hurry.

The Copy Clinic coaching sessions are limited to 10 participants per call, and only a handful of remaining seats are available.

New Copy Clinic members are admitted on a first come, first service basis until all 10 slots are taken.

Order below before all the spaces are taken.

After that, it’s too late...

Who is Bob Bly?

Bob Bly

Full-time freelance copywriter specializing in online, direct response, and b-to-b marketing.

I'm a full-time freelance copywriter specializing in online, direct response, and b-to-b marketing. 

I've earned more than $700,000 last year from my freelance writing, and became a self-made multi-millionaire while still in my 30s.

A copywriter for more than a quarter of a century, I've written promotions for over 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, Intuit, and AlliedSignal.

I'm also the author of more than 70 books including The Copywriter's Handbook (Henry Holt) and Internet Direct Mail (NTC Business Books).

Quick story for you...

When I started my online marketing business a few years ago, I didn't have any information products - and needed one to sell.

So I gave a bunch of articles I had written for a magazine to a graphic designer, who for just $75 put them into a nice PDF layout.

I then put up a landing page (like this one) where people could read about and order the book (that cost me another $100).

To date, we’ve sold $51,778 worth of this little e-book collection of my recycled articles.

That gives me a 29,487% return on my initial $175 investment (so far)… quite a bit better than my stocks did during that same period.

Best of all, my first e-book continues to sell well… and from it, I launched a spare-time online marketing business that generates a six-figure annual income… and requires me to “work” only a few hours a week.

Now, I want to show you how to do the same. 

If you will let me...





YES Bob! I Want to Join Your Copy Clinic!

Billing Information
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Only few Spots Available... 

  • Cxxxx xxxxx($xxx value.)

Plus you're getting these bonuses:

  • Special Bonus Report #1: Big Bucks from Annual Report Writing ($19 value.)

  • Special Bonus Report #2: How to Make Money Writing Speeches ​($19 value.)

  • ​Special Bonus Report #3: Twelve Ways to Increase Your Article Sales ​($19 value.)

Total Value: $997.00/mo

Option #1: $297/mo


Option #2: $97/mo

You SAVE: $7,102.00!

  • Bdddd


"Bob is my copywriter and has helped make me millions of dollars by dramatically improving my copy and giving me suggestions that made an enormous difference in my income and life."

-- James Lange, CPA/Attorney

"Bob Bly knows something about writing advertising copy that most copywriters don't understand."

-- Michael Masterson, Early to Rise

"Bob Bly is one of the best copywriters in the Galaxy."

-- Jim Blasingame

"For over 30 years I have learned from Bob Bly- described as America's No 1. Copywriter."

-- Drayton Bird, Drayton Bird Associates

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