Now YOU Can Get Your Book Published by McGraw-Hill, John Wiley, or another Major Publisher This Year!

Write your book. Sell it to a mainstream publishing house. And enjoy fun, fame, success, fortune, and opportunities you never before imagined could ever be yours!

Bob Bly
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Dear soon-to-be-published author:

Do you want to write a book -- sell it to a mainstream publishing house -- and then use that book to launch your career, business, fame, reputation, and wealth into the stratosphere?
 If so, I can help you:
Sell your book to a big NYC publishing house.

• Write and publish the book that can take you … your career … and your business … to the next level.

Choose the book publishing option—traditional, self-published, hybrid, Kindle ebook, PDF — that works best for you.

• ​Make money right from the start … with a handsome advance up front … before you write a word.

​Collect thousands of additional dollars in royalty checks for many decades to come once your book is published.

• ​Leverage your book to position yourself as a leading expert and the “go-to” guy in your field.

​Promote your business by using your book as a “brochure that will never be thrown away.”

• ​Earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars with the little-know “Book Profits Secrets Formula.”

​• Get your book featured in major media including TV… radio shows… magazines… newspapers... and online. 

​• “Turbo charge” your digital marketing by strategically using your published book to double or triple inquiries, leads, new clients, and revenues like nothing else can. 

​• Get a flood of offers to speak, teach, and train audiences for fees of up to $10,000 per day or more.

• Use your book as the “passport” that gains you fast and easy access to new clients, new sales, new markets, and a host of new business and professional opportunities.

​• Double or triple your consulting and professional services revenues within 12 months or sooner.

• Have people lining up around the block, cash in hand, ready and eager to hire you – because you’re the guy or gal who “wrote the book” on your area of expertise.

​• And much more....
….starting today, in my NEW Home Study Video Program – at an 92% discount…  

“Write and Sell Your Book for Fame and Fortune”

Build Your Reputation as a Top Expert in Your Field - And Enjoy Unprecedented Levels of Success in Your Career and Your Business!

When we launched the Pilot Program for my online master course on how to “Write and Sell Your Book for Fame and Fortune,” I put into it just about everything I know about writing a book and selling it to a mainstream publishing house. 

And then some!

Yes, there are other book publishing courses online. 

Some of these courses are led by instructors who have written only a book or two – nothing to sneeze at, I admit.

But all else being equal, wouldn’t you rather get help writing and publishing your book from someone a bit more experienced—someone like me?
I have written over 100 Published books!
Bob Bly Amazon Books
Most of them published by major publishing houses -- like these:
  • The Digital Marketing Handbook (Entrepreneur Press).
  • The Words You Should Know to Sound Smart (Adams).
  • ​Public Relations Kit for Dummies (Dummies).
  • ​The Complete Idiots Guide to Direct Marketing (Alpha).
  • ​Write More, Sell More (F&W).
  • ​How to Create Irresistible Offers (AWAI).
  • ​Make Every Second Count (Career Press).
  • ​Start Your Own Home Business After 50 (Quill Driver).
  • ​The Content Marketing Handbook (Entrepreneur Press).
  • ​The Elements of Business Writing (Pearson).
  • ​How to Write and Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit (Quill Driver).
  • ​Start and Run a Successful Mail Order Business (Self-Counsel).
  • ​Persuasive Presentations for Business (Entrepreneur Press).
  • ​The New Email Revolution (Skyhorse).
  • ​The Direct Mail Revolution (Entrepreneur Press).
  • ​Business-to-Business Direct Marketing (NTC).
  • ​88 Money-Making Writing Secrets (Sourcebooks).
  • ​Secrets of a Freelance Writer (Holt)
  • ​Selling your Services (Holt)
  • ​And dozens more….
My track record shows you that I know, from long experience, how to get books written and published on a regular basis, like few other people do!
My book publishing students have paid me as much as $5,000 for my live online training in how to become a published book author.

But now, your investment is a tiny fraction of that amount … and you get 8 online video course modules giving you the exact same book publishing secrets and lessons I share with our attendees in our live $5,000 virtual training.

However, these videos won’t cost you $5,000. Not even $500. 

In my video home study course, your investment is just $397—a 92% discount off the regular rate. That’s less than $80 per lesson. Your savings: a whopping $4,603.  

Getting a mainstream publisher to publish your book this year: Are these your questions?

Q: Doesn’t it cost a lot of money to have my book published?
A: Using my approach and methodology, no.

With “self-publishing,” you have to spend your own money to get your book published—including cover design, book design, printing, distribution, publicity, and much, much more!

When I show you how to sell your book to a traditional publishing house, that publisher pays for virtually everything – and does all the grunt work –saving you a lot of time and money.

Q: Is mainstream publishing all you know, Bob?  

A: I’ve actually published books I’ve written in almost every format out there traditional, self-published, hybrid, print on demand (POD), Kindle and PDF ebooks – you name it.

Now, I do gravitate toward main stream publishing. 
If that’s your preference, I’ll help you get there.

On the other hand, if you want to self-publish, our home study program includes an entire course module on self-publishing.

It covers:

>> Pick the right publishing path for you—traditional or self-publishing…

>> Work with a top cover designer—for bargain-basement prices…

>> Get your book professionally produced—for pennies on the dollar…

>> Print your book—for a tiny fraction of what book printing used to cost…

>> Published your book in weeks or even days

>> Turn your paperback book into a downloadable e-book or PDF lead magnet…

And much more...
Q: Do the publishers pay you to write books for them?
A: In self-publishing, you make money when and if your book sells. You get no money up front. In fact, you often shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars before your book is printed and ready to sell.
In traditional publishing, the publisher pays you to write your book: you typically get paid a 4 or 5 - figure advance up front – so you have money in your bank account right from the get-go. And no cash outlay or investment.

Q: OK. But say the advance is modest. Then how can I make a lot of money by writing a book?

I have earned millions of dollars over the years with my books through the Book Profits Formula – used by hundreds of authors to leverage their book into achieving outrageous business success.

Here is the formula: TBR = DBR + IDR
TBR = Total book revenue
DBR = Direct book revenue – advance, royalties, and ancillary income such as audio, ebook, serialization, foreign editions and reprint rights.
IBR = “Indirect” book revenue.

For many authors, indirect revenue can way exceed your advance and royalties, sometimes by a significant amount. 
For business owners and self-employed professionals, boldface typically includes income from speaking engagements … seminars … workshops … consulting … coaching … mentoring … membership sites … mastermind groups … training ... as well as increased sales of your products and services.
Example: I once wrote a marketing book for an independent publisher for modest advance.
The marketing manager of a Fortune 500 company saw the book – in this case, because I mailed a copy to him.
Result: a contract to do a boatload of copywriting for him. He soon sent me a retainer check for $75,000.
And this is not an isolated incident. In fact, my books have helped me generate literally millions of dollars in copywriting, speaking and consulting income over the years!
Now, I want to show YOU how you can do the same with a published book of your own. 

You'll discover how to...

Write your book. Sell it to a mainstream publishing house. And enjoy fun, fame, success, fortune, and opportunities that turn your competitors positively green with envy!

In my new video home study course — “Write and Sell Your Book for Fame and Fortune.”

You’ll discover everything you need to know to write a good, or even great, book.

Get it published by a mainstream publisher or publish it yourself and leverage the book to build huge buzz around you… making you the new “rising star” in your niche or profession... and skyrocketing your career and business into the stratosphere – and way beyond….

Part I: How to Write a Killer Book.

First, I pull back the curtain on my time-tested book-writing process. So you can produce a book (or books) that improves your readers’ lives … and in doing so, also change your own. 
In my new online master class “Write and Sell Your Book for Fame and Fortune,” you will discover:
  • 10 good reasons why you should write a book.
  • • ​8 steps to becoming a published book author.
  •    ​• The 5 most lucrative book publishing options—which is right for you?
  • • ​Creating your “content outline.”
  • ​• How to grab a book editor’s attention.
  • • ​Differentiating your book from the competition.
  • ​• Writing a winning book proposal.
  • ​• Coming up with the right topic for your book.
  • • ​Evaluating your book idea.
  • • ​Proving to publishers that there is big demand for your topic.
  • • ​The 90-90-10 method for writing a nonfiction book.
  • ​• The file folder method for getting your book written better and faster.
  • • ​Choosing a kick-butt book title.
  • ​• Writing it yourself vs. hiring a ghostwriter.
  • ​• Using other people’s material in your book.
  • ​• Building your “author’s platform.”
  • • ​How to get a literary agent to represent you.
  • ​• Negotiating the book contract.
  • ​• Simultaneously selling both a print and digital version of your book.

Part II: Promoting your book – and using your book to promote your business.

Discover my field-proven strategies for maximizing the value of your book to you and your business – and also boosting its ROI. 

  • •  Generating optimal return from the TBR = DBR + IBR formula.
  • ​•  Using the book to increase conversion rates of your sales funnels.
  • ​•  How to sell lots of copies on Amazon and elsewhere.
  • ​•  Driving traffic and clicks with a “free chapter landing page.”
  • •  ​Becoming the credible author/expert.
  • ​•  The book as passport to endless business opportunities.
  • ​•  Why a book is the world’s most powerful business card.
  • •  ​Publicizing and promoting your book on podcasts.
  • •  ​Increasing exposure with radio and TV author interviews.
  • ​•  Gain media coverage with press releases and publicity.
  • •  ​Book signings and speaking appearances.
  • •  ​Online book marketing tips and tactics.
Having a book essentially enables you to double your marketing with little or no extra effort, because now you have 2 things to promote: the book, and then your business or professional practice. 

Which essentially increases your marketing ROI twofold or more. 

Have you heard of me?

I’m Bob Bly. 

And if you’re one of my e-newsletter subscribers, book readers, seminar attendees, prospects, or clients, then you’ve probably already heard of me or at least seen my name … and may even know something about me, my work, and my reputation as a writer and marketing advisor.
But in case you are not familiar with my work as a copywriter, consultant, and book author, my bona fides include:
  • •  4+ decades of experience as a full-time professional copywriter.
  • •  ​Former adjunct professor of copywriting at New York University.
  • •  ​AWAI Copywriter of the Year, DMA Gold Echo, and many other writing awards.
  • •  ​Author of 100+ books including The Copywriter’s Handbook, considered by many to be a standard reference work in the field.
  • •  ​Have earned 6 figures annually for decades and accumulated a 7-figure net worth, all from my writing.
  • •  ​Have written copy for 100+ corporate clients including IBM, Kiplinger’s, AT&T, Medical Economics, Leica Geosystems, Forbes, and GE.
  • ​•  Still an active writer today, working 60-hour weeks—and writing every day of the year.
  • ​•  Featured in major media including CBS Hard Copy, CNBC, Los Angeles Times, Nation’s Business, New York Post, and many more newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio shows.
  • ​•  Have written over 100 articles for publications including Writer’s Digest, Cosmopolitan, City Paper, New Jersey Monthly, and Successful Meetings.
  • ​•  I have experience with virtually every marketing channel used by authors to promote themselves and their books -- from radio commercials and video sales letters, to direct mail packages and email marketing campaigns, to websites and ads – and many more.

May I share all of this with YOU?

Okay. Now, let’s take a quick look at what's included in your training when you join the Pilot Program for our new Online Master Course “Write and sell Your Book to a Major Publisher for Fame and Fortune"...
  • • 8 weeks of training sessions. You get 2 sessions every week. One is an instructive virtual lesson, given by me, in webinar format, in real-time. 
  • ​• The second session each week is like an informal mastermind group, as if we were sitting around a table in a conference room -- although, to keep us safe, for now it’s virtual. I can answer your specific questions, give you my best guidance and advice, plus you can also share ideas and experiences with your fellow students.
  • • ​You’ll get weekly assignments in which you write the materials you need to sell your book to a publisher, including winning book proposals, query letters, sample book chapter, and more. Now, you don’t have to do all or even any of the assignments: Although I highly recommend you do them, it’s totally up to you.
  • ​ • Personalized critiques and editing. I review your work and show you how to make your book proposal and related documents sharper and stronger – so editors will be chomping at the bit to give you a book contract and an advance.
  • ​• Password-protected online course videos. All of the 8 lectures will be available to you on a password-protected, members-only website, for unlimited replay whenever and as often as you want. From time to time, we plan to add new videos, audios, and other bonus content to enhance your learning even more. When we do, you will be able to access this new material on the Class website at no cost.
  • • ​Reference library. A collection of digital and print marketing tools—including books, special reports, sample press releases, model book proposals, and more. 

What my students, readers, and clients are saying:

    “I am taking your pilot course and I just want to tell you how much your course is helping me. In addition to the knowledge you're so generously sharing with us, your course is giving us newbies a greater sense of confidence. Thank you very much for doing this for us.”

--Kalani Walther

   “I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful class. There is nothing more valuable than having feedback from a master mentor such as yourself. Your instruction has made me much more confident.”

-- Tyler George

   "Bob Bly has helped make me millions of dollars by dramatically giving me suggestions that made an enormous difference in my income and life."

--James Lange, CPA/Attorney

   “Thank you for this and every other book you've given to us over the course of this program Bob. And thanks to everyone else on your crew! The generosity all of you have displayed over the months is definitely making this experience truly feel World Class.”

-- Sashu Rodriguez

   "I am grateful to and for you. Thank you for being a phenomenal teacher and sharing your hard-won, real-world experience and wisdom."

--Neil Dhawan

   "You are at the top of your league! I am very grateful following and learning from you for so many years."

--Peter Jovanovich

   “What you do is exceptional, and you'll be hard to replace even if you ever decide to retire. Exceptionally good people, those with unique constellations of talents and achievements, are hard to really replace...people continue to value your work, your books, your advice, your kindness, etc. To us, you are irreplaceable!”

--Juli Ann Weber

Preview “How to Write Your Book and Sell It to a Mainstream Publisher” – Risk-FREE for 90 days!

Act now and you can examine the home-study video edition of my online master book writing and publishing course in the comfort and safety of your own home, for a full 3 months, absolutely risk-free. 

Then, you be the judge….

If you are not 100% satisfied with “Write and Sell Your Book for Fame and Fortune” for any reason… or for no reason at all… just let me know within 90 days.

We’ll give you a prompt and full refund of every penny you paid—without question or quibble. That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

Order today, and you can start watching the “Write and Sell Your Book” videos right away – no waiting.  

Or, go through the program it at your leisure--and your own pace. It’s your choice.

And remember, you get unlimited lifetime access to the complete “write and publish your book” home study videos---for both unlimited viewing and as a permanent reference. 

Just place your order below to get started—you’ll be glad you did.

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"Bob is my copywriter and has helped make me millions of dollars by dramatically improving my copy and giving me suggestions that made an enormous difference in my income and life."
-- James Lange, CPA/Attorney
"Bob Bly knows something about writing advertising copy that most copywriters don't understand."
-- Michael Masterson, Early to Rise
"Bob Bly is one of the best copywriters in the Galaxy."
-- Jim Blasingame
"For over 30 years I have learned from Bob Bly- described as America's No 1. Copywriter."
-- Drayton Bird, Drayton Bird Associates

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